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Will You Marry Me? Why Not Ask With a Piece of Art?
Posted by Byran Jeffries on 6/29/2011 to Personalized Gifts
It’s been said: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. At Personal-Prints-one painting, print or name art composition will make four words, “Will you marry me?” priceless. Few of us can say that our mate’s marriage proposal was truly ‘A Work of Art’.

Perhaps you had never conceived its happening. Destiny, fate, a higher power; whichever fortune may have chartered your arrival to this moment; the time has come. You’ve met that special someone – the right one – the love of your life – your soul-mate. You’re at last prepared to pose the question: “Will you marry me?” Without a doubt, your heart’s desire is to make this an unforgettable moment that lives in your mate’s fondest memories. You know in the depths of your very soul that this moment is so much more than a mere question. This one is paramount. It is the genesis of the remainder of your lives together as one.

How will you present this monumental, potentially life-changing question? How can you be absolutely sure that this moment is out of the ordinary yet still as intimate as any single moment in time can possibly be? Enter Personal-Prints. Their artists, using an original painting or one of their personal prints can transform that epic question- your proposal- into a masterpiece! Imagine the legendary story of your romantic marriage proposal existing forever more.

Imagine a visual representation of your cherished memory remaining - for the endless admiration of your descendants - in personal art. Your uniquely individual masterpiece will live on as a timeless family heirloom. Personal-print's letter art or name art will capture the moment with the name of your beloved featured within a composition created exclusively for them. Their original prints can be hand-personalized by the creating artist to state your one-of-a-kind message. Your own photo can be transformed into your very own personal art, strikingly displaying your proposal.

Browse Personal-print's collection of Bestsellers for a glimpse of fine art creations that just happen to speak ‘the language of love’. You've discovered Personal-Prints. Consider yourself well on your way to crafting your marriage proposal into an indisputably true ‘Work of Art’.
Andy Fang Date 12/25/2013
Dear sir or madam, Marry Christmas! While thinking about the ideas to proposes to my girlfriend, I found your website and was amazed by the exquisite art pieces displayed. Inspired by your masterpieces, please allow me to ask for a huge favor: is it possible to invite you to create a piece of art that is dedicated to me and my girlfriend based on our story, and I could propose to her with this piece of art? I understand this might be a very uncommon request and gives you extra burdens to your busy work schedule. But I really hope this could be a chance to create my romance with your talent. Thanks for your time and best wishes, Andy
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